New Years Thanks!


Just wanted to drop a note and thank everyone that attended the 2015 RITNY. This was a HUGE success thanks to all of you for coming out and joining together for a community run and buffet breakfast. We had a record setting number of members for breakfast at 135. It appears our new location was widely accepted and the course was well liked. It is very helpful and pleasant to hear the positive feedback we received.

Thanks to Amy Keene for providing the Throw Back Thursday pictures from the J&C. From that we learned that one of our members, Dan Blomeke, has run every RITNY since the very first one in 1981 except for the one on Jan 1 when Purdue played in the Rose Bowl. Thanks to Larry Miller for the pictures and the work laying out the course.  Thanks to Jennifer Simpson for the nice email regarding the event.

It’s nice to know that our members appreciate these events and we can make improvements if needed based on their comments. ¬†Thanks to the Staff at the Four Points Sheraton for accommodating us. This was their first year and they did an excellent job. I apologize to anyone who had trouble finding a seat or utensils but with our attendance higher than anticipated the hotel staff was doing their best to handle the requests.

Also a big thanks to the WRRC Board, for without the time they volunteer, these events would never materialize. Thanks to Susan Lauro, Mark Acher, Barb Doremire and Nancy Weinberg. Also helping were Bill Bombassaro and Susie Uhl. And Abby Engelberth for keeping the website updated. There are pictures posted on Facebook and in the photo gallery on this site.

In case anyone is missing a headband, there was one left on one of the tables at the Breakfast, contact me.

What an awesome way to start 2015!! Thanks to all of our members for supporting our events!! We have such an amazing club! Since we have a lot of Professors and students, we have many club members that move on in their journey. And the feedback we receive from previous members is always the same, “since moving from Lafayette, we have not been able to find another running club we enjoy as much as the Wabash River Runners Club”. We miss the people. That is so inspiring!

Keep on running and being happy!

Cyndi Meacham

Wabash River Runners Club President