• Location: Meet at Panera in Wabash Landing in West Lafayette
  • Regular Time: 8 AM
  • Summer Option: 7 AM
    • We are offering an optional summer start time of 7 AM for those that want to hit the path earlier and avoid the heat.  There will still be runners starting at 8 AM.

Parking in the lot is free for an hour on the weekends. The run starts at the Myers Pedestrian Bridge and we run on the Heritage Trail along the Wabash River or take another course of nature, Happy Hollow Park. Both locations have beautiful trees, plants and wildlife. The diverse Heritage Trail is for runners and walkers with paved asphalt for some of the trail with the river flowing along from the north to Battle Ground. A cleared trail for taking a southern trek that leads to historical Fort Ouiatenon. The route to Happy Hollow Park will trail along the west side of the Wabash River for a bit to a crosswalk and then you are on your way hills and trails – pick a trail or continue west for a beautiful mile packed with trees and nature.

Drinking fountains can be found along the north Heritage Trail in two locations. While Happy Hollow Park has several water fountains throughout and a bathroom station.

After our run or walk, we get coffee/breakfast at Panera’s and visit.

Contact Larry for more information