WRRC Board

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who to contact for club information. This page will help you figure out who to contact for your various needs. If there’s anything that isn’t covered here, let the webmaster know and she’ll try to get you an answer.

To get a better understanding of what each Board member does for the club, please click here to view the descriptions for Board of Director positions.

Position Name Email Address


Kate Wright president@runlafin.org

Vice President

David Jackson veep@runlafin.org


Dave Charters treasurer@runlafin.org


Marva Pearson secretary@runlafin.org



Barbara Doremire membership@runlafin.org

Run Coordinator

Open Position

Support for

Run Coordinator

 Open Position
Larry Miller
Arnold Sweet


Abby Engelberth webmaster@runlafin.org

Clothing Director

Susie Uhl

Past Presidents

Brad Pape

Cyndi Meacham