Upcoming WRRC Sponsored Events


For any of you that attended the Jay Cooperrider 5K today you probably noticed a Tri-Flyer of WRRC events.  It is a very snazzy condensed version of each of the event flyers, the Farmer’s Market 5K, the new Trail Run Series we are hosting and finally a NEW 10 mile Trail Race that will be on August 17th.

We are excited to offer for the first time some trail runs for runners in the area. The 10 mile Trail race, named The River Run is going to be organized and directed by our Race Director, Jay Hodde and Co-Race Director, Corey Linkel. Jay has already set up the sign up with Ultrsignup, the same company we used for the Circular Logic Marathon. This race will be an organized event with age group awards, times, shirts, etc.  Anyone can sign up starting May 1.

We will be starting our Farmer’s Market Series on May 15th and the Tri-N-Run group has been gracious enough to direct this Series of races again this year. Most of you are familiar with this race and know if you are a member you can run for free, anyone else is just $3.

The Trail run Series is a new event with 3 races of various lengths, a 5K, 8K and 12K, in that order. This is done as preparation for the 10 mile Race in August. The first one of these will be on June 5th. Fleet Feet Sports and their group has offered to direct this Series. Please see these flyers that are attached for more detail if you are interested in any of these events.

All of us have been working hard to offer more to the members and we would like to also have a social event this year besides the RITNY. A summer event where we could get together and socialize to better get to know each other.

Hopefully these events are diversified enough that each runner can find a race or run that they would enjoy. The club is not just about running, as someone reminded me recently, it is about support, friendship and advice among other things.

Keep running and be happy,

Cyndi Meacham
Wabash River Runners Club President

WRRC Speed Training

We will be starting our track workouts again at the West Lafayette High School on Grant St. next Tuesday, April 23rd. We will be there at 4:30 PM to do a 2 mile warm up around the neighborhood. The track workout will run from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. We will be starting with 3X400 repeats (one time around the track, three times) and a cool down. We will increase the reps or distance each week. This is a good way to improve your speed and endurance.

Please come and join us because doing this with other runners makes this workout enjoyable.

Keep the Boston victims in your thoughts and prayers and run in their honor.

Cyndi Meacham
Wabash River Runners Club President

Update from President

The Jay Cooperider Memorial 5K race will be held on April 27th at 9AM
in Cumberland Park in West Lafayette, IN. One reason this is such a popular
race is the proceeds are given to Mental Health America and the Lafayette
Crisis Center (and many people remember Jay). Usually there are between
600-800 runners in this race.

The times for packet pickup and registration are Friday, April 26 from 5-7pm.
The volunteers will be setting up from 3-5 and cleaning up until 8pm. This is also the pasta
dinner and raffle night. It is at the Morton Center in West Lafayette.

Because of the work involved in putting this race together, Race Director: Donna
Belile-Barker would like to have some volunteers for Friday April 26th for
registration, set up and clean up. Please sign up to volunteer on the WRRC site.

We really need helpers for this event so please sign up if possible.
This Club has come a long way and I am proud of all of you for stepping up and helping the Community.

Just a side note: The Circular Logic Marathon was a tremendous Success!!

A big Thank you to:

  • Race Director, Joe Ely
  • Photographer, Larry Miller
  • The timers
    • Barry Bruce
    • David Jackson
    • PLN Pradeep
    • William Arthur
    • Bill Bombassaro
    • Jake Franklin
  • Mike Taylor for being an everything guy especially support for the runners
  • And the Tri-N-Run group for manning the water stop!!

Great job everyone! Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you!

Cyndi Meacham

Wabash River Runners Club President

Letter from the President


It has been a while since I have sent out an email. I hope everyone is continuing to run even in the cold, windy days. Running on cold days can certainly motivate you to run a lot faster!!

Again I want to Thank everyone that came to the Run in The New Year. It was so nice to see people we don’t see on a regular basis. This is such an Awesome social event for the year and I am so happy you all enjoyed it. The Hilton Garden Inn does a terrific job.

Well sometimes you aren’t aware of it but the Board of the WRRC is constantly busy trying to improve and bring about new and interesting improvements. For example, during the website discussion in January, we discussed the new movement to use mobile technology (IPhones) in addition to the website on your computer. We realize most runners will use both but we want to keep current and make the website mobile friendly. We need to use all of our available resources since the trend is to seek information from more than one source. We want to use our Facebook page to promote the weekly runs, races that are scheduled on the website calendar, to hook up runners or for question and answers. We are trying to make all information available to you in as many forms as possible within our capabilities. If you have suggestions, you can email any of us or contact us on the website.

Circular Logic Marathon

The next event for WRRC will be the Circular Logic Marathon on March 23rd. Joe Ely is the Race Director and has done an amazing job of putting this Marathon together. This Marathon is a totally Green Marathon, meaning there is no trash, specifically paper cups!! The runners bring their own bottles and they are labeled with their numbers and refilled by the water stop volunteers. This is a very smart idea in a world of recycling and environmental control.

The Marathon has a limit of 105 Runners and 21 Marathon Relay teams.

Here are some fun facts about this year’s race.  We have 114 individual marathoners from 18 states and Canada.

  • Runners will be here from Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, California and all the Midwest states.
  • We have 22 marathon relay teams, with over 100 individuals on these teams.
  • We have runners from 16 to 76 years old.
  • We have an Olympian participating!!  Benji Durden from Boulder, Colorado placed 2nd in the US Olympic Marathon Trials in 1980.  He placed third in the Boston Marathon in 1983.  Benji and his wife Amie are both running.
  • We have a world record holder back with us again!!  Larry Macon of San Antonio, Texas is back again.  Larry set the world record for the most official marathons run in a calendar year by running 157 in 2012, which included the CLM!  Last weekend, Larry finished his 1,000th lifetime marathon at the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth.  Larry will proudly wear bib 157.
  • Last year’s men’s winner, Bryce Carlson, is back to defend his title.  Bryce will wear the coveted bib #314, which we will doctor to read 3.14, the perfect mathematical constant for a race in a circle.
  • All our marathoners will have their names on their front and back, so you can greet them personally.  All marathon relay teams will have their clever team names on their bibs.
  • All the marathoners have given us a “fun fact” about themselves, which will have at the water stop…this will trigger fun comments each time around!

Joe is looking for volunteers for several tasks at the Marathon, this is your chance to give back to the Community and other runners that have given us so much. Plus it is really interesting to attend an event that is contained all in a one mile area.

We still need about 7 more volunteers for the water table, 3 more for to count laps,  a couple of particularly friendly folks who can show up early to be in both parking lots to direct runners in and one person with a pick up who can help us haul the water tables to and from the race course.

We also need a place to sleep for one runner flying in from New England. She’s running in honor of her late husband, an Air Force officer who was killed in action in Afghanistan about two years ago. She will be taking Lafayette Limo here from Indy but we need someone who can pick her up, let her stay, get her to the race and then back to the Shuttle. It would be a great gift of hospitality to a neat lady!

If you can volunteer at the race please let Joe know by emailing him at joeely618@gmail.com. There is also a sign up sheet on the WRRC website (VOLUNTEER HERE). We would appreciate any time you could give to this.

There will be a blog about the CLM by Sara Erikson at the Home of Purdue on March 20 if anyone wants to check it out.  Also a story will appear in the Journal and Courier to cover this Marathon and some of the fun facts and runners views.  Watch for this in the future.

Farmers Market 5K

Coming in the spring we will have our Farmer’s Market 5K Series that is becoming a popular event. This is an excellent way to do speedwork! The dates for this will be:

  • May 15th
  • June 19th
  • July 17th
  • Aug 21st
  • Sept 18th
  • Oct 16th

This is a series of Races that are held the third Wednesday of every month in Cumberland Park at Cumberland and Salisbury in West Lafayette at 6:30PM. There will be awards and pizza at the last race of the season. The awards are given based on your best three times of the series – therefore you must run at least three of the races to qualify for an award. There will be awards for each age category: Masters and Overall. There are runners of all levels of fitness so please do not be intimidated to join this race.


We are also planning four new events for this summer. We are planning a new series of races that will be unique for WRRC and we are very excited about them because they are trail runs and the number of trail races available around Lafayette are limited. We will have three training Trail runs, the dates for these races are:

  • June 5
  • July 3
  • July 31

These three races will be 5K/8K/12K (in that order)and this will lead into the 10 Mile River Race –that we have tentatively set for August 10th. There will be more details on this race at a later date.

For the three training Trail runs the distances and the routes are already planned. They will start from Ft Quiatenon, behind the block building at 6:30pm. Each race is about 4 weeks apart. The course is an out and back with a combination paved path and unpaved trail. The 10 Mile River Race will also start at Ft Quiatenon so these training runs will be helpful in preparing the runners for this race. The best feature of a trail run in August is that it is always cooler in the trees!!

Since one of the races is scheduled close to July 4th, we will try to tie it in to the holiday. Should be lots of fun!

WRRC has so much to offer the area runners. Let’s get the word out there!

Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm!!

Cyndi Meacham


Thanks to everyone that came to the RITNY fun run this morning. With the exception of the black ice some of the runners experienced, it was a beautiful day. So glad the run was completed with no one seriously injured.

The Journal and Courier posted a story about the run this morning. Also, Larry Miller took some great pictures that can be found here.

I hope everyone enjoyed the social interaction, so glad to see people we have not seen in a long time and a lot of new faces. Welcome to the new members and for their information, check out the website at runlafin.org for weekly runs and information about the club. If you have any questions, there is a contact box on the website that allows you to send an email directly to us.

Thanks to the Hilton Garden INN for an excellent breakfast buffet.  They are very hospitable to the Running Club and we appreciate the staff for coming in on New Year ’s Day to make our run possible.

Happy New Year to Everyone and their families!!!!